pCARS 2 für PS4 und Xbox One auf V1.4.0.0 aktualisiert

Nach der PC-Version steht inzwischen auch für die Videospielkonsolen von Sony und Microsoft das Update auf V1.4.0.0 von Project CARS 2 zur Aktualisierung. Die konsolenspezifischen Änderungen werden hier näher beleuchtet.

Nachdem vor einigen Tagen Patch V1.4.0.0 für die PC-Version von Project CARS 2 von Slightly Mad Studios ausgerollt wurde, können inzwischen auch Besitzer von PlayStation 4 und Xbox One die Aktualisierung herunterladen.

Über die generellen Änderungen im hier einsehbaren Änderungsprotokoll hinaus, liegen nun auch die Details zu den konsolenspezifischen Anpassungen vor.

Project CARS 2 - PS4- und Xbox One-Patch V1.4.0.0-Changelog:


-Fix for the sun flares in the rear view mirror that could cause corruption on PS4.
-Fixed corruption on the right of the screen when using Enhanced Visuals or Enhanced Frame Rate on

PS4 Pro.

-Fixed a number of PS4 specific crashes.
-Fix for white square being displayed in place of players avatar on consoles.
-Fixed a possible application error when creating a new career.
-Fixed a scenario where a user can cause a text overlap between the practice/qualifying and pause menus.
-Fixed a crash when jumping straight to custom race from boot.
-Fixed a crash associated with driver avatars when loading into a race.
-Fixed an issue where a higher rank would be awarded to the driver with negative points in an online championship if the host adjusted the points.
-Added a console button to select friends from the system UI.
-Added functionality to be able to highlight specific friend in the friends list dialogue

Xbox One

-Updated menu deadzone width for XB1 wheels, updated spring force for menus to remove unnecessary vibrations on deadzone boundary.
-Stability improvement when connection to Wide Area Network is lost while creating a multiplayer session.
-Solution for XB1 wheels having very noticeable and harsh FFB deadzone in menus.
-Resolved occasional failure when leaving a multiplayer session to join or create another session.
-Removed a white square being displayed in place of player's avatar on consoles.
-Improved an issue where, if the host adjusted the points, a higher rank would be awarded to the driver with negative points in an Online Championship.

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